Monday, August 16, 2010

Moms sharing breast milk - Channel 12 Interview

I was recently interviewed on Channel 12 News in Phoenix, Arizona.

HUMAN MILK FOR HUMAN BABIES! This is what I would have liked the headlines to say!

The interview lasted close to 30 minutes and below is the final piece. One of these days I will have an opportunity for a full half hour interview and it will all be shown. There was so much more that we talked about and more info I wanted to share.

We talked about local mothers sharing their breastmilk with others and all of the emotions surrounding it as well as the health issues too. There was a discussion about how milk sharing or direct breastfeeding of other babies was very common for many years and why and how things have changed.

Heather and I also talked a bit more about the details regarding friends, family and the mainstream public about this subject and the fact that it is not for everyone. Also discussed was how some families make the decisions as they weigh the health benefits of breastmilk sharing and risks of formula feeding. What is often not talked about is the fact that infant formula is not a guaranteed safe product as there has been many recalls. Infant formula is also not a product that has been approved by the FDA. Interestingly enough, when I talk about these facts, most people have no idea that formula has ever been recalled and are shocked to find this out.

We think it is important to mention this fact as parents weigh their options. We also talked about, that in terms of options, it would be great if all mothers had access to donated milk from the milk banks as their first option. However, this needs a physicians prescription and is very costly and therefore, prohibitive to most families.

I had hoped that also as a part of this interview, was a lot more info on the safety of Human Milk Banks as this would be so educational for the public. It would also have been great to have highlighted some of the few hospitals that are currently using donated milk from the milk banks to feed their most ill babies in the NICU. There are many studies on the amazing health benefits of this. Hospitals that are feeding their very ill babies donated milk from the human milk banks are seeing huge health benefits. Their babies are having less health issues, decreased death rate, gaining weight easier and are discharged earlier that their formula fed ill babies.

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Moms sharing breast milk

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