Friday, August 13, 2010

Nursing mother kicked out of McDonald's

Clarissa Bradford was told to leave a Phoenix McDonald's Wednesday night because she was breastfeeding her 6 month old baby. When the assistant manager told her to leave, Clarissa responded by stating that by Arizona law she was allowed to breastfeed her baby anywhere she wanted to. The assistant manager did not listen or care what she had to say and proceeded to insist that she leave. Below is her story.

Interestingly enough, my daughter Carly, has several friends visiting her and they are all staying at my home. The girls are in the young 20's and are from Scotland, England and New Zealand. When talking about this story, none of the girls could really believe it is true. They have never heard of, first of all needing such laws to protect breastfeeding, and second it never occured to them that breastfeeding in public was something people would object to.

When asked about the laws in their country and about public views on nursing in public, they say they are not absolutely sure of the law, but they do know that nursing in public is not something that is talked about in a negative way. Actually they all said that it was a very normal thing to see. Most moms nurse discreetly, some using a coverup of some sort and others not needing to. In a good way, it is such a non-issue in their countries that they feel there really is not much to talk about.

Comments are welcome. My personal comment on this issue continues to be: "is this really happening in this day and age? In America? It just can't be."

Nursing mother kicked out of McDonald's

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